About us

Irresistible. We think this is the most appropriate word to describe sailing at sea. It means a bit of adrenaline, madness, freedom, pleasure, delight, relaxation, fun, along with a continuous state of utter bliss. For some people it is a lifestyle; for others it is a way to let go of thoughts and senses; it’s an ideal holiday, a perfect party, a treatment for fatigue, a way of looking at life with optimism, free spirit, joy and courage.

For us, sea sailing includes all of the above, joined by the passion and desire to offer this opportunity to all who want to experience it.

That is why we have put together our dedication and our sailing experience, creating what we believe will offer you some of the most beautiful and exhilarating moments spent at the Black Sea. Whether you want a party, a cruise at sea or in the Danube Delta, a teambuilding, a wedding, a walk, a dinner etc., we invite you to do them all on board a luxury catamaran.

Our main desire is to share with you the elegance of both sea sailing and offshore parties, and the joy offered by such experiences. And we will be delighted each time we know we have succeeded!

We move the fun at sea and we look forward to welcoming you!

Dan Urcan
Captain, Sea lover and Welcoming Host
Black Sea Party